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Sustainable Conservation: Ocampo Expeditions, Beyond Conventional Tourism

Updated: May 16


At Ocampo Expeditions, our mission goes beyond offering exciting birdwatching and bird photography adventures. We are proud to actively contribute to the conservation of species, the well-being of local communities and the preservation of the environment through a responsible tourism approach.

Our commitment begins with research and education. We collaborate closely with the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC) to support scientific projects on local birds. With each of our tours we contribute to the preservation of natural reserves, protection of fauna and flora, and we also provide economic opportunities to local communities. We believe that a deep knowledge of birds is essential for their conservation.

By promoting bird tourism, we not only provide unforgettable experiences, but we also generate direct income for local communities. We believe in responsible tourism that values and respects both nature and local culture. Additionally, we promote low-impact practices to minimize our environmental footprint and protect the ecosystems we explore.

Our commitment to community development is reflected in educational workshops and events. Recently, we organized the workshop 'Tourism and photography, fundamental axes for bird conservation' in Vijes. These activities strengthen the community's ties with its environment and provide sustainable economic opportunities. We want to empower local communities to become stewards of their own natural treasures.

Additionally, we adopt eco-friendly practices in all our operations and collaborate with local suppliers committed to sustainability. We encourage our clients to be aware of their environmental impact and to appreciate natural beauty without disturbing it.

At Ocampo Expeditions, we not only offer trips, but we also create a network of change agents. We join the community, conservation organizations and passionate customers to build a future where birds fly free and local communities thrive in harmony with nature. Each trip is a contribution to the preservation of our natural heritage and an invitation to leave a positive mark on the world we explore and love.


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