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We are Ocampo Expeditions, a birdwatching and wildlife watching company, passionate about conservation and the natural beauty of Colombia. We work with the purpose of contributing to the conservation of bird species and the environment through photography and nature tourism.

Our vision at Ocampo Expeditions is to be leaders in promoting the conservation of the environment and fauna, focusing especially on the birds of Colombia. We strive to show the rest of the world the incredible natural wealth that our country is home to and convey the importance of its preservation.

Our mission is to offer unique and authentic nature tourism experiences, while promoting sustainable and responsible practices. We deeply value the conservation of the environment and species, while striving to provide our customers with the best memories and experiences possible. At Ocampo Expeditions, we are guided by a series of core values.


First of all, we are committed to conserving the environment and wildlife, focusing on the protection of birds and their natural habitats. In addition, we are proud to show the rest of the world the natural wealth of Colombia and change perceptions about our country, moving away from negative stereotypes and highlighting the diversity and beauty of our landscapes.

We specialize in birdwatching and offer more than just birding tours. We strive to provide our clients with the opportunity to capture exceptional images of birds and wildlife in their natural environment. Our team is made up of passionate bird experts and local guides who know the best places and times for stunning photography.


At Ocampo Expeditions, we are excited that, through responsible tourism and nature photography, we can contribute to the conservation of ecosystems in Colombia. In addition, we generate employment in local communities and contribute to positioning Colombia as a truly important tourist destination in the world.​

Join us on this exciting bird and nature discovery adventure. Let us showcase Colombia's incredible biodiversity and help each other protect and appreciate our natural environment!

Birding Tours Colombia


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At Ocampo Expeditions, I am proud to work closely with leading organizations and establish strategic partnerships that strengthen our nature tourism offerings. As the founder of the company, I am Kevin Ocampo, a passionate professional bird photographer and bird tourism entrepreneur. Through more than 10 years of experience birding and leading independent tours, I have made valuable industry connections.

My dedication and perseverance in birdwatching have led me to gain recognition both in the birdwatching community in Colombia and abroad. I am proud to have been awarded the prize for the best bird photographer in my region, an achievement that I personally received from the Mayor of Santiago de Cali.

In addition, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with government entities in bird tourism projects that focus on conservation and the promotion of responsible ecotourism in various areas of Colombia. These projects combine my passion for photography with my commitment to preserve the environment. My experience and knowledge have been valued, which has led me to lead initiatives that promote sustainable bird tourism.

Showcasing my work in multiple photography exhibitions has been a rewarding experience, as I have had the opportunity to share my best images with the public. This year, I have the honor of being the official photographer of the Colombian Birdfair, a recognition that highlights my dedication and excellence in bird photography.

As an active member of the Valle del Cauca Ornithological Society (DACNIS), a community made up of professionals and bird enthusiasts, I collaborate with other passionate about the subject to promote the conservation and study of the species in our region.

My achievements and career have also given me the opportunity to be hired by prestigious universities, such as the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, to lead bird watching days on their campuses. These opportunities allow students to connect with nature and appreciate the biodiversity that surrounds us.

At Ocampo Expeditions, our strategic collaborations and partnerships allow us to provide high-quality experiences for our clients. Thanks to these connections, we have access to specialized local guides, reliable suppliers and the most impressive destinations in Colombia. Our commitment is to offer exceptional services and promote conservation through nature tourism.

Birding Tours Colombia
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