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Bird watching in Darién, Colombia, is a unique experience that attracts ornithologists and nature lovers from all over the world. This region, located on the border between Colombia and Panama, offers abundant biodiversity and a variety of habitats that make it a paradise for birds and those who wish to observe them. Below, we'll explore some of the reasons why the Darien is a top destination for bird watching.


First, the Darien is home to an astonishing diversity of birds. It is estimated that more than 400 species of birds live or migrate through this region. From brilliant hummingbirds to majestic eagles and toucans, birders can enjoy a wide range of species in one place.


Another reason is the variety of habitats found in Darién. From rainforests to mangroves and wetlands, this region features a range of ecosystems that attract different types of birds. In addition, Darién is located in a strategic location on the American continent, making it a convergence point for many migratory species that travel between the north and south of the continent.


Conservation is a central concern in the Darien, and many areas are protected. This ensures that the birds and their habitat are relatively intact and that visitors can enjoy a pristine natural environment. The opportunity to contribute to the conservation of these birds and their habitats is another powerful reason to visit this region.


Last but not least is the opportunity to learn about the local culture and life in Darien. Interacting with indigenous and local communities can enrich the birding experience by providing cultural context and a deeper understanding of the relationship between people and nature in this region.

In short, bird watching in Darien, Colombia is a unique experience due to the impressive bird diversity, variety of habitats, conservation efforts, and the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture. For nature lovers and bird watchers, Darién is a destination that never ceases to surprise and amaze.

Birding Tours Colombia


Private transportation in 4x4 truck and Plane

Birding Tours Colombia


Expert member of Ocampo Expeditions

Birding Tours Colombia


6 Pax

Birding Tours Colombia


Open sea, coast, mangrove, open areas with grassland, lowland tropical humid forest

Birding Tours Colombia


Bird watching and photography 

Birding Tours Colombia


All meals included according to itinerary

Birding Tours Colombia


Bird photography in the Darién jungle

Birding Tours Colombia


Medical insurance during the tour



Birding Tours Colombia

In this document you will find complete information, including prices, a detailed itinerary, what is included and much more. To get all the details and plan your next adventure with us, we invite you to download the PDF of the tour by clicking here. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Birding Tours Colombia

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List of items included:

  • Domestic connecting flights. (Medellín-Bahía Solano) (Bahía Solano-Medellín).

  • Transportation throughout the tour.

  • Accommodation.

  • Main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as stipulated in the itinerary.

  • Private transport. Includes 4x4 transportation if necessary.

  • Entrance fees to all reserves visited during the tour.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Professional guide expert in birds.

  • Driver.

List of items not included:

  • International flights.

  • Laundry service. Personal hygiene items.

  • Room service.

  • Medical expenses that are not covered by the travel insurance granted by us.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Activities not included in the itinerary.

  • Extensions in the trip due to events of force majeure or fortuitous event.

  • Tips.


Birding Tours Colombia

Photographs Of This Tour

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