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Birdwatching in Tolima, Colombia, is an unparalleled experience that combines the natural beauty of this region with the rich biodiversity of birds that inhabit it. Tolima, located in the heart of the Colombian Andes, is a privileged place for bird watching due to its varied landscape that ranges from mountains to valleys, passing through rivers and lush forests.


One of the most notable attractions of bird watching tours in Tolima is the opportunity to witness some of the most colorful and exotic species that inhabit the region. Among these winged jewels is the Lance-tailed Manakin, a species that dazzles with its vibrant plumage and peculiar courtship behavior. Observing these manakines in their natural habitat is an experience that captivates lovers of birds and nature in general.

If you are a lover of reptiles and amphibians, Colombia also offers you a unique spectacle. From the towering anacondas that slither through the vegetation, to the poisonous frogs that display their striking colors and patterns, you will be surrounded by astonishing biodiversity.


But the Tolima is not limited to just flashy birds like the Lance-tailed Manakin. It is also a refuge for endangered species, such as the Yellow-eared Parrot. This majestic yellow parrot with yellow ears is endangered due to habitat loss. Bird watching tours in this region provide a unique opportunity to sight and learn about the conservation efforts being made to protect these threatened birds.

In addition to the iconic birds mentioned, Tolima is home to an astonishing variety of other species, from iridescent hummingbirds to majestic eagles. Every corner of this region hides surprises for birdwatchers, and expert local guides are willing to share their knowledge and passion to ensure an enriching experience.

In short, bird watching in Tolima, Colombia, is a perfect choice for those who want to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and biodiversity of this country. A bird watching trip in Tolima offers a deep connection with nature and the opportunity to create lasting memories.

Birding Tours Colombia


Private transportation in a Van

Birding Tours Colombia


Expert member of Ocampo Expeditions

Birding Tours Colombia


8 Pax

Birding Tours Colombia


Fog forest, river bank and jungle

Birding Tours Colombia


Bird watching and photography 

Birding Tours Colombia


All meals included according to itinerary

Birding Tours Colombia


Photography of birds in the jungle, lagoon and river

Birding Tours Colombia


Medical insurance during the tour


Important note: The dollar values mentioned on this website are referential and correspond to the current conversion value of the Colombian peso (TRM). It is important to note that this conversion value (TRM) can fluctuate. Therefore, the amount expressed in Colombian pesos will always be considered the base. For the payment process in dollars, the TRM of the payment day must be used. All the information mentioned here appears in the PDF of the tour which you can download by clicking here.

Tour price applies when there is a minimum group size of 4 people. This means that for the tour to take place at the specified price, there must be at least 4 people in the group who are willing to participate in the tour together.



Birding Tours Colombia

In this document you will find complete information, including prices, a detailed itinerary, what is included and much more. To get all the details and plan your next adventure with us, we invite you to download the PDF of the tour by clicking here. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Birding Tours Colombia

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture, taste delicious Colombian cuisine and live unforgettable adventures in every corner of the country. Are you ready for this magical journey?

Reserve your spot now and join us on the trip of a lifetime! The wildest and most exciting experiences in Colombia await you. Don't let them tell you, be part of the magic!



List of items included:

  • Transportation throughout the tour.

  • Accommodation.

  • Main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) as stipulated in the itinerary.

  • Private transport. Includes 4x4 transportation if necessary.

  • Entrance fees to all reserves visited during the tour.

  • Travel insurance.

  • Professional guide expert in birds.

  • Driver.

List of items not included:

  • International or domestic flights.

  • Laundry service. Personal hygiene items.

  • Room service.

  • Medical expenses that are not covered by the travel insurance granted by us.

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Activities not included in the itinerary.

  • Extensions in the trip due to events of force majeure or fortuitous event.

  • Tips.


Birding Tours Colombia

Photographs Of This Tour

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